About Us

Amsterdam Heritage is an international fashion brand specializing in premium leather goods and other fashion accessories such as beanies and scarves. The company’s founder, a Dutch visionary who has been living in the United States for 15 years, decided to launch his first U.S. collection in 2016 after working for years in the fashion industry. The line was very well received and as a result, Amsterdam Heritage leather belts and bags are now sold in hundreds of stores across North America.

As a multicultural brand, Amsterdam Heritage does not have a distinguished “Dutch” or “American” look. The brand prides itself on incorporating a fusion of internationally inspired fashion, due to the brand’s belief that true magic happens when different cultures intertwine. Naturally, being Dutch owned, The Netherlands is embedded in the brand’s DNA. Most of the design work and manufacturing take place there.

The majority of the collection’s belts are handcrafted by Dutch artisans, using premium Italian leather and hardware while the premium leather bags are handcrafted in India where leather craftsmanship has been part of their heritage for generations.

Fast forward since the initial collection’s launch and Amsterdam Heritage has successfully become a favorite premium leather goods brand in the United States (based in Miami), reaching new consumers daily! Therefore in 2020 Amsterdam Heritage proudly brought the collection home to Europe with the opening of their European headquarters in Amsterdam.

Now in 2022, customers in European countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and of course Holland were quick to embrace the internationally inspired fusion brand. Now it’s your turn!

Pleased to meet you!

Amsterdam Heritage