Mens Leather Belts and Bags

Relaxed luxury finds new dimensions at Amsterdam Heritage. Where passion meets precision, where craft meets design, discover the timeless accessories and clothing that exude effortless elegance.




Shop our curated collection of men's leather goods. Find your favorite leather messenger bag, laptop, weekender bag or duffel bag. Pair it with a black leather belt or one of the other classic colors of our men's belts in brown, cognac and camel.

40003 Dani | Classic Rugged Leather...


40040 Robyn | Classic Vintage Gold...


8019 Tucker | Timeless Leather Weekender...


8020 Tuck | Casual Leather Men's...


8021 Tim | Men's Crossbody Leather...


8022 Kurt | Men's Leather Wallet


8023 Kent | Leather Card Holder



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