Women's Classic Collection

Relaxed luxury finds new dimensions at Amsterdam Heritage. Where passion meets precision, where craft meets design, discover the timeless accessories and clothing that exude effortless elegance.




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Check out our classic leather belts and bags selection for elegant, clean lines in premium handcrafted leather fashion accessories. 

Pip | Vintage Round Buckle Leather...


Jodi | Statement Buckle Classic Leather...


40602 Diane | Leopard Calf Hair...


PREORDER Sofie | Grommet Studded Leather...


PREORDER Andrea | Women's Classic Leather...


PREORDER Ank | Women's Skinny Leather...


Daphne | Oval Buckle Leather Belt


Naomi | Women's Wide Leather Waist...


PREORDER Annie | Women's Classic Jeans...


Fletcher | Leather Guitar Strap Crossbody...



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