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Finding your belt size

What is a proper fitting belt?
To look your best, a proper fitting belt should be fastened at the center hole for adaptability.

How to measure a belt?
A belt is measured from where the leather folds on the buckle to the center hole of the belt. Do NOT measure the full length of the belt.

belt size guide


How to find your belt size?

There are 3 ways to find your belt size:

1. Measure the area of your body where you intend the belt with a measuring tape.
Round off the nearest belt size in the chart (below)

2. Find your size on the basis of your jeans size.
If you plan on wearing the belt through your pant loops you can find your jeans size in the chart and match the corresponding belt size. Please note the jeans sizes in the chart are based on a "mid-rise" jean, where the waistband ends right in the middle of your navel and hips.

If you wear your jeans differently, e.g. "high-rise", where the waistband ends at or above your navel, we advise you to measure your torso to find the right belt size.

3. Measure a belt your currently own.
Measure from where the leather folds on the buckle to the hole most frequently used to buckle the belt. Round off to the nearest belt size in the chart.
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